Outsource Call Center Services

Outsource Call Center Services

The Smarter Choice for Budget Efficiency is to outsource your Customer Support to Call Centers

Customer Support Agents by Emenac Call Center ServicesCheap Call Centers Aren’t Always a Smart Hire

Affordable call center services isn’t always followed by lax-professionalism but sadly it does happen more than a few times. Call center solutions providers are growing in numbers every day. But choosing one solution that will adapt to your business isn’t always a black & white decision. There are many factors you need to consider before making a choice. You want the best customer service you could fit into the declared budget.

Now many call center service providers will present you a quote that you will like very well.

However there’s a catch!

Once you give them the contract they will start coming up with hidden fees and over taxation that you are kept ignorant of at the beginning. And when are informed about them you are in deep and can’t go back. So what begins as a cost reduction strategy costs more capital than the service provider which you ignored initially because of their pricier quote.

So which provider to go with?

We present Emenac Call Center Services as your true solution to avoid the deceitful profit making tactics.

emenac-call-center-services-brings-latest-inbound-outbound-calling-software-integration-solutionsNow if you are wondering why should you trust us? We are glad to tell you that Emenac Call Center Services believes in transparency of information. We have definite contract plans that will be detailed from beginning of our service to the very end, and we will are sure you will wish to work with us in long time.

Emenac Call Center Services Cares about your Progress

We understand how business world is constantly evolving and how customers are coming to expect more and more from the brands they favor. They want customer support on all the communication channels. If you hire an entire staff then you would have to give them office space & other benefits and not to mention the issue of absenteeism. With Emenac Call Center Services you won’t have to worry about any of that, we treat your customers as you dictate and became an extended unit of your company, making your customers feel prized without them knowing they are being answered by an offshore service.

How is Emenac Call Center Services Budget Efficient?

Emenac Call Center Services offer cheap call center services without any compromise on quality of services. Because we understand how important customer center services are to the survival of a business entity since we have customers too; the business that hire us our customers and their customers becomes our by extension. That’s why we bring you top-notch yet economical customer care solutions for both in & outbound calls. With the advent of tools like VoIP phone services, & IVR we are able to provide affordable yet high-quality customer support.

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Implementation of VoIP cuts costs – Voice over IP is the tool that enables Emenac Call Center Services to provide customer support across the globe without being limited by restrained budget. It has eliminated the need for hardware that requires added maintenance to keep running. It is an online technology which is hosted by a provider so the supplier is responsible for all the upkeep expenses, leaving call centers with freedom to add to remove phone lines without having to deal with all the telephonic wire system.

Basic VoIP Mechanism – Your callers dial your line and VoIP transmits it over internet by converting audio signal into data packets and reconstructing it on the other end to your offshore call center service provider, leaving you mobile and in no obligation to remain in physical vicinity of your company to have your customer’s queries addressed.

VoIP is cost-effective & flexible – Traditional phones lines are both costly and hard to maintain. They are always in need of repairs which cost you ceaselessly. VoIP is a web-hosted technology which is maintained through your internet connection for a fixed monthly fee. Any malfunctioning errors are for the provider to worry about. Also because it is an internet based technology you don’t have to install additional hardware for new lines you can just add or remove phone lines based on your client business market size. As long as you are online you will have no trouble with running of your customer service.


Our Non-Voice Customer Services includes:

emenaccallcenterSelf Service Portals – Web Based Support 

We are always in touch with call center software provider to know what is in upcoming list just to maintain our technically enriched image in call center industry. If an automated response system is more suited to your business, we can provide you with the perfect interactive voice response system that will work seamlessly to satisfy your customers after integration with your official software systems. Let us be the helping hand to handle your phone calls, live chat inquiries as well as email support systems with shortest answering speed.

Live Chat Support Services

being enriched with ecommerce magnates in customer contact center service providers, we are on desk to handle live chat system, whether they are customized live chat apps, mobile apps, website support mediums or you are integrated with third part live chat support function, we have teams of trained and skilled customer care agents who can work with every content management systems and able to deal your customers from general live chat to inventory updates. Your customers can get their issues neutralized through texts and live chats where an agent responds to them instantly and doesn’t stop the communication until the customer is satisfied.

callcenterservices-nonvoicecustomersupportSocial Media Support – from brand development to maintain social media pages, from paid campaigns to promote your organic traffic, we are well established to handle every social channel on behalf of your business. Social media monitoring, reposting, publishing, image crafting and paid campaign settings specially on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is cake walk for our media experts because the social media is host to the biggest chunk of online traffic so the customers now demand that they be cared for on the platform of their choice. We cater to customer service on all major social media websites.

Email Customer Support – when we are in business, we have to monitor our emails and post mails too, ignoring or late reply to your email sender means to lose your customer to your competitors. Let us handle your email boxes, for filtering, clearing and reply purposes, now with our email customer support services you will never have to see junk in your inbox, you customers will never have to wait for price quote, teir1 help and guide as well as your suppliers will never be in wait of your response as we will be on your duty. Email is somewhat traditional yet a safe channel. Your customer and client’s queries are answered on a template of you designed for automated and personal responses.

Here you will have “Affordable Call Center Solutions for Your Customer Support”

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Surveys/ QA support – We can do product or service survey on your behalf which is a cost effective and proven strategy for analyzing market response. You can analyze results for automated response system also, by allowing customers to take survey after they have closed their issue for which they had called.

Virtual Receptionist You can hire a virtual receptionist for a discounted price, and your virtual receptionist will organize your business leaving you free to work on expanding business rather than managing it.

Phone Help-Desk Support Services – We also provide your customer with help desk and technical support services. Each caller is handled with absolute care and satisfied before ending the call. Even challenging calls are handled with enthusiasm and courtesy.

Why we are the choicest service provider for you?

Emenac Call Center Services is the leading call center solution provider because of these features:


Lowest Abandon Rate– We keep our agents by investing in their development along with the company’s and our agents know that they are professionally growing with us so they don’t quit

Fastest After Call Work Rate (ACW) – Speed in a call handling is important, our agents know how to balance speed with quality and they keep updated profiles on the customers for company’s convenience.

5/5 Voice Quality– Emenac provides the customers with excellent voice quality of calls without any disruptions (latency, poor internet speed, jitters, routing mistakes and mis-configurations) even during spikes.

90% Service Level – Our high service level indicates our greater approachability to the customers.

Personalization– You can fashion your customer’s journey design with us, because your brand is unique and so should your service. We can also advise you in designing if you’d like.

We can design a service to especially accommodate your clientele on website of your choice.

Training & Motivational Seminars for Agents – To boost the agents’ morale, we hold activities for them time to time of both educational and recreational nature. We conduct weekend getaway’s to keep them alert on work days.