What is the optimal goal of any business? People wish to make profits!

Businesses keep coming up with the ways to increase their revenue and to accomplish that end, they invent modern and innovative selling techniques, most of the time these approaches are being used by customer care agents and phone operators to answer phone calls. So they hire persons who are generally likeable and persuasive with good communicative skills and possess better temperament to stand and deal with every type of customer mood and behavior.

These people mainly known as call center agents or customer care teams are trained how exactly to behave as will entice a potential buyer to be a purchasing one. One of these stealthy techniques is suggestive selling. This tactic is used to bring customers to spend more than they initially planned without forcing them into the purchase.

For instance, a number of restaurants have weekdays, weekends, lunch hours and midnight offer bundles that a boon to both consumer & the business. People get discounts and business get increased yields. Yes here are some forms of selling skills that can help businesses to get more than planned and customers to be more satisfaction by spending less as they were intended.

Suggestive selling comes in two forms i.e. which are easy and commonly in practice by Allocated Call Handling Agents in operational hours.

  • Cross Selling
  • Up-selling

Often these terms are used interchangeably but they have a slight yet distinguished difference. Presented below is a side by side comparison of both, for a clearer insight.

A little but comprehensive Comparison between cross selling and up-selling

cross selling & upselling by emenaccallcenterservices

These selling and buying techniques are very well in practice but they would amount to nothing if your customer support department is not up to the speed. You might have limited resources i.e. customer support agents or you are short staffed technically, but you are firm about the services or products you are selling in market can earn you a big amount as you are getting right now. What you need is an outsourced contact center. Yes outsourcing your call center department to the professional customer care service provider can be the best substitute, but not an ordinary contact center one.

Your customers deserved to be spoiled. And if your external contact center is giving you any grief then switch your contact center for customer service excellence.

Boost up your revenue generation with Emenac Call Center Services

Emenac Call Center Services can help increase your profit margins by including above mentioned suggestive selling methods. Here is how we have mastered the art of cross-selling and up-selling by investing best phone operators and customer support agents:

phone answering services

What We DO at EcallCenterServices:

Customer Support Agents by Emenac Call Center ServicesPromotion on exit page:

We design the purchasing system as to entice your customers into buying and when they have completed their purchase we keep your products on the exit pages as well, because we have find that people will be more likely to sway at that point also if the customer did sway, we make sure that s/he doesn’t have to repeat the whole process of data entry.

Special Offer Links in Email Confirmations:

Once an order is placed we send our order confirmation calls, texts and emails after order taking services. We also add links to relevant promotional products in those emails because the orders gives us an idea as to what a customer has interested in and we can guide that interest into more purchases by offering them complimentary products.


Business partners looking through papers at meeting
Business partners looking through papers at meeting

Discount on Bulk Purchase:

The oldest trick in the book that does both; clear stocks and increase sales. yes with better customer  support and technical support services It can be a win-win technique. We add discounts on purchase in bulks and customers gets hooked on the idea of not having to repeat the buying process anytime soon.

Sales Appeal:

The word sale has a magic touch. It makes all brands ten time more attractive. We use this method to bring additional traffic to your shelves. People will be likelier to close deals if they know they are getting a reduced price by buying two or more products i.e. bundle of products as package deal.

Use ‘People were also interested in’ approach:

This approach is universal, you can put it on almost everything. The great chunk of any target market is composed of ‘followers’. We add relevant products together for the customers who are interested in associated things to have a look at what similar products are popular and trending.

Top-rated & Best Seller

We use this method to encourage the most sold item of any business. Sometimes a specific products shapes the whole brand. For example: Mars company has launched a number of brands but M&M’s take the crown (the first candy that was taken to space). So the star products & services generate most revenue.

Mix & Match

Emenac customer support services try to shake up the combinations so that the best offer bundles can be organized. The best arrangement with proper promotions can raise the sales profit immensely.

What We AVOID:

callcenterservicesfor#callcenterDisruption of Original Purchase:

Many customers if being pushed to but something they don’t have any interest in, refuse to buy anything at all (including what they came for originally). We wait until customer has gotten everything s/he needs before suggesting any new product/service.

Rush to unload Inventory:

We are in a haste to unload excessive inventory. We believe, if we tried to load a customer with a product that’s burdensome, we are not presenting the brand in its best glory. If a product is discontinued we make it a point to tell the customer.

Forcing the Customer’s Hand:

We recommend our brand, we don’t force the customer. Nagging the customers never accomplishes anything except frustrating him/her out of purchasing mood.

Virtual Assistant


Add Big-Ticket Items as add-ons:

We take a precaution of not adding a pricey item as an add-on; we keep the add-on in a range of 20% to 25% of the real price or as per agreement of the purchased product. If the add-on is expensive than that, the chances of its purchase take a serious blow.

Leave a cross or upselling opportunity:

Last but not the least we do not let any opportunity to upgrade or cross sell a product, slip us by. We ensure to present your brand in the best light, that will tempt customer to return a second time, a third time, a fourth time, ……

Why outsourcing customer support to EMENAC Call center is a dexterous move?


If your business transaction happens over phone lines or over the internet. You should think about outsourcing your customer support services since you would have your hands full with manufacturing and inventory management anyway and also because a customer support service can go above and beyond simple order-taking. It will be able to give your customers the support interface that would grant you an edge in the market.

always on timeAlways-On Time

With a professional call center assignation, your customers will have unlimited access to your brand come day and night, during holidays seasons and for the whole year. None of your clients will need to go away unattended, your call center will extend your services to them all.

Professional Call Handling and Ready to desk Approaches Customer Support Services for IT Industories

A call center agent is trained and qualified to attend calls and treat customers as befits a business. Nonprofessional call recipients can botch the sales and lose clients by adopting the wrong approach or having a bad attitude.

High-Tech Equipment from builtin call center software to customized applications

Call enters deploy the best resources for their call handling, because they run on taking calls. As a business entrepreneur your contact system isn’t your top priority which is why it should be handed-over to a system who will check for seamless contact strategy.

Data AnalyticsLive Monitoring systems, agent monitoring to call quality check

All good customer contact centers have a quality assurance system in place. They record the call to check agent’s performance but they also monitor those calls live as to discern the quality of service being deliver.

Better UI/UX, easy to interact and compelling

Emenac has an interface that is well-capable of attending to companies from various industrial backgrounds. We ensure that our interface is of compelling style yet user friendly.