The Blended Collaboration System Introduced Last Year by Emenac Call Center Services Continues Being Profitable, One Year Later

An interface that does it all – creates communication loops around super agents that eliminate the possibility for any resources being not used up to their full-potential.

A new & improved call center small-scale collaboration system was introduced by Emenac Call Center Services last year. This system maintains catalogue of every available resource and deploys them when most appropriate. Now, a year later this interface is being used by super agents who are well-versed in both inbound and outbound call handling genre, causing great delight to both client companies and their customers.

eCallCenterServices-CollaborationSystemAs this call centers collaboration system pairs up the right calls with best of the available agents, it leveled up the customer support satisfaction score. The entire interaction between customers and their brands is more facilitated and fast paced since the interface is linked and is embedded with all the market niches and customized client policies.

With this call center interface, one call center agent can handle multiple-tiers of customer support service, or several agents can intercept the ongoing call if the problem escalates in their vicinity. Thus nullifying the need for repeated information extraction from customers. As for outbound call center services, this module can automatically put idle phone operators and customer care agents onto telemarketing, surveying and follow-ups, making sure no opportunity is left unexplored.

Emenac Call Center Services has trained its phone operators into all outbound and urgent call handling and inbound phone answering service areas, proving that call center is not a dead-beat job. These agents in this system are thrilled to have new learning opportunities and a chance to stretch against the customer handling limitations.

Project Manager J. Paul of Emenac Call Center Services, explained that we conceived the idea for a collaborative contact center systems from customization of our integrated call center software and tested it on small-scale, but once it took over it was a complete success and all the credit goes to our MD. Awais Gillani, who was the core mind behind whole process. Mr. Gillani was of the view that departmentalization based on complexity level has gotten way “old school”.

In interview Mr. Paul expressed his sentiments on the subject, stating that in the first quarter of 2016, he with his small team generated enough positive output by implementing this technology with call center’s defined infrastructure to be inclined for an expanded implementation of the module, which now can oversee the whole call center system, relieving the managers of excess burden. The current successful status of this call center collaboration system is the result of many long-hours and strained meetings.

“We are looking forward to observe how this new module works out for our globally spread customer span this year. We hope with this new customer service level for both incoming and outgoing calls, our customer shall be able to appreciate our commitment to their well-being and with their feedback we will alter and modify our services for continued excellence in customer care.”

About Emenac Call Center Services:

Emenac Call Center Services is providing contact center services to different industrial firms, since 2003 and has evolved with the new inventions in tech world every day. Emenac Call Center Services has head-quarters in Canada and branch offices in US, UK and Pakistan.  With both non voice and voice communication channels, they handle both inbound and outbound calls and claim to provide dream customer experience. They encourage diverse workspace culture for better serving their globally spread clientele.


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Emenac Call Center Services Introduces Collaborative System in Call Center Industry to Offer Easy and Convenient Customer Experience

London, Ontario, Canada. May 27th, 2016. Emenac Call Center Services.

Inbound callers don’t have to go through the hectic and time consuming process of heavily tiered customer support operations because Emenac Call Center Services has eliminated the need for that by introducing the all new “collaboration system.”

Now clients of all kinds can enjoy a much better customer experience through software collaborations and team collaborations. Interacting with customer representatives has become quicker and easier for everyone. No one has to go through multiple tiers of agents anymore because ECCS has revamped all its existing call answering procedures. The new method of taking inbound calls accommodates everyone according to the market niche and various business requirements. Busy managers and other staff members don’t have to witness seeing unhappy customers anymore because ECCS has come up with a much better solution for everyone.

The all new collaboration system allows multiple agents to be able to listen to the call and immediately intervene the moment a customer asks for something more complex and detailed. This new method has not only eliminated the need for transferring calls, but also allowed both the customers and multiple company representatives to stay on the same page. This smart and easy way of managing calls has improved the overall customer retention rate by providing everyone with the right kind of information at the right time and in the right way.

Tiered customer support is not only bad for business, but also not a convenient approach for customers. Using a tiered customer support service is not a practical method of handling heavy flows of inbound calls. No one likes his/her calls to be transferred to multiple departments and that is why Emenac Call Center Services has completely eliminated the process of tiered customer support service. Going from tier 1 to tier 2 and then tier 3 is not the right way of providing customer support services.

After analyzing the market and various customer complaints, our project manager, Mr. Jordan Paul came up with the idea to make small teams and train them to answer all sorts of queries on immediate basis rather than creating multiple departments and going through multiple steps and procedures. According to him, businesses of today, cannot function properly with a tier based customer support system because it is way too old school. The society believes in fast and quick results and that is why Emenac Call Center Services is entertaining all sorts businesses and market niches with the help of the all new collaboration system.

“We are amazed by the positive results of this new approach and hope to see a lot more happy and satisfied clients in the future.”

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About Emenac Call Center Services
Emenac Call Center Services is a licensed call center service operating actively since 2003 from multiple headquarters in UK, Canada and Pakistan. The company specializes in providing inbound and outbound call center services to businesses of all kinds. ECCS covers areas such as telemarketing, technical support, aftersales services, phone order taking, helpdesk and complete customer support services through emails, social media, live chat and inbound/outbound call center services. Emenac Call Center Services incorporates strict adherence to professional code of conduct, state laws and ethics.