New Blended Collaboration System introduced by Emenac Call Center System gaining popularity

New Blended Collaboration System introduced by Emenac Call Center System gaining popularity

An upgraded Collaboration System has been introduced by Emenac Call Center Services for inbound callers so they don’t have to go through the old pitfalls of traditional multiple tiers of call center agents, which can prove to be frustrating and time consuming.

Customer Support Services for IT IndustoriesThe team and call center software collaborations provided at the modern contact center is being much appreciated by the customers. The whole interaction between a customer and the brand representatives is more facilitated and progressive due to this innovative collaborative and interlinked Emenac Call Center Services’ answering service strategy. The new phone answering strategy is considerate of all the market niches and client business policies.


This blended phone answering and call handling service module is relieving mangers and staff members of any possibility of hitches that can leave a negative impression on customers.

Data AnalyticsWith the blended new collaborative module, multiple agents can intercept a call and take over when the customer issue escalates into their vicinity of complex problem solving. Customers are no longer put through multiple transfers and repeated information extractions. Emenac Call Center Services’ internal blended system allows every concerned representative in loop with a potentially escalating issue, so they can retrieve all required info or customer history at the drop of a hat.


complex call handling


Repeated call transfers puts shade on the image of a contact center and needless to say it causes obstructions and time loss. It is non-professional and amateur practice that can hinder effective inbound call flow handling. Emenac Call Center Services has adopted a better tier approach, where a customer does not have to repeat anything and the complexity of the issue reaches the skilled agents through blended/central interface.


When all the customer opinion surveys were analyzed by the end of the year ’16, our project manager Jordan P. created a small team equipped with skill-set to deal with all possible inconveniences a customer may encounter. As opposed to large departments that deal step-by-step complexity levels because he thought the department system too ‘old school’. The team yielded fantastic results that were fast and more positive than we initially anticipated and thus came together the upgrade on traditional “Collaborative System”

“We are looking forward to observe how this new module works out for our globally spread customer span. We hope with this new customer support service level, our customer shall be able to appreciate our commitment to their well-being”

StrategiesEmenac Call Center Services takes great pride in launching the all new collaboration system that allows callers to be answered quickly and easily without having to go through much trouble. Emenac Call Center Services is a licensed Canadian Customer Contact Center, buyer intervention BPO services since ’03. Our headquarters are in Canada but our offshore offices are located in UK, USA and Pakistan. We provide specialized inbound and outbound contact center services for companies that have different industrial backgrounds.

Our services use communication pathways both voice and non-voice channels, you can say one of its kind customer contact center in call center industry. Our adherence to the morals and laws is strict enough for our word to become our sales pitch.