Five factors that are responsible for the success of a call Center:


Contrary to the common belief, there is only one success standards upon which the industry of call center is judged upon and that is ‘customer loyalty’. All call center operate tirelessly in order to achieve that customer satisfaction level, where s/he will not only return in frequency but also bring along friends. And the path to such a customer service level has following stops:


  1. People
  2. Purpose
  3. Process
  4. Physical Assets
  5. Customer

4P’s that makes a happy C[ustomer]!

Call Center Service Providers are like all other business organization. The whole point of investing in resources and hiring staff is to achieve one goal i.e. Customer Satisfaction like all other corporate entities. People, Purpose, Process, Physical Assets and Customer are the 5 influential factors that control a call center’s overall progress. It is important to remember that the simple existence of these factors doesn’t guarantee any success awards, the real game changer is how you manipulate these factors into your win.

  1. People:

The term ‘people’ here is used for a call center’s employees. They should be a top priority of any organization but as a call center owner, you need to put extra focus this factor because ultimately it’s the employees, who represent your call center. If they are not properly trained or encouraged, your call center has no hopes of survival, much less success.

It is the point you should consider while hiring managers to organize your call center staff. Wrong managing officials cannot lead your staff onto successful path. Mangers today need to balance providence of structure/direction with enough encouragement and freedom to loosen up your agents are not dispirited into thinking that their careers are dead-beat, a common challenge faced by call center employees. Investing in your employee development is a move that will consistently raise your profit margin over the years.

  1. Purpose:

You need to declare what your call center is all about. And be cautious about this declaration as it sets foundation for every future decision. It should be something you completely believe in and are ready to let it drive you. The initial declaration should include answers to these questions:

  • What is your belief system?
  • What are you offering those who work for?
  • Why should they work for you?
  • What is your end target?
  • How are you going to achieve your target?

When you employees are clear on why you exist, they will be able to better focus all resources on your end target. In short term you might experience fluctuations in the call center business opportunities. Clients come and go, but what is vital is that you must always remain in sight of your end target, your call center bench mark.

  1. Process:

It is your basic call center business infrastructure, the system that defines who will do what in your call center operation. It will direct your entire enterprise. How you do what you do? Your business process needs to compliment your overall call center founding purpose, in order to create a sense of discipline that will add value for the clients who aspire to do business with you. The current times are more relaxant in this regard, friendly open infrastructures are popular and as call center are in the business of making people happy, you should adhere to their expectations of your service.

  1. Physical Assets:

The term ‘Physical Assets’ includes finances and equipment. In case of a call center you can add technological resources to the list. These assets add efficiency into smooth running of your call center. Your call center setup would require capital for the office space, for equipment buying and its installation. The technological resources are how your call center communicates with your client base, it is important that it is the top-shelf stuff, the best the market has to offer. The routers, the VoIP providers, dialers, UX/UI, internet connection, the computer systems, the power supply and its backup everything should be in excellent shape to really live up to customer service standards.

  1. Customer:

You are a call center owner and customer is your boss, s/he can put you out of business which is why you ensure the productivity to all above-mentioned factors as to make your customer happy but if you really wish to make your call center business lead the market and help in call handling services, go the extra mile. Aim for not mere customer satisfaction but opt to exceed it. Brainstorm ideas to surprise and intrigue your customers, keep watch over your customers, pursue current trend and finally never settle on the customer service standards, continue to learn and grow.

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